Art Cologne

17 - 21 November 2021

Art Cologne

17 - 21 November 2021

Dep Art Gallery is pleased to present works by Tony Oursler (New York, 1957) for this year's edition of Art Cologne. 

Working in a wide array of media, that bridges video, sculpture, performances and painting, Oursler investigates the need for human beings to give answers to events that are perceived as mysterious. He finds material for his research, in both present-day and past news chronicles, which can be attributed to the occult sciences, esotericism, religious faith, magical thinking, Satanism, psychedelia and ufology and have the protagonists involved in extra sensorial or paranormal experiences. 

Oursler is best-known for his electronic effigies, inert objects, on which he projects disembodied faces, eyes, and mouths – but he has also started out several times as a painter. On the occasion of Art Cologne 2020, Dep Art Gallery presents paintings that Oursler created in the early 2000s, which bring his iconic figurative puppets and the technique of painting and collage together (Groft, Blem and Ooks, all from 2004). Among the works are also two multi-media sculptures, Ghoststop (2003), an LCD projection on a ghost-shaped object, which captives the viewer’s gaze with a staring eye, and Mage (2019), part of his new inkblot paintings, which recalls the Rorschach effect, achieved by transferring paint from one panel onto another, and creates a mirror-image that is interspersed with small videos featuring abstracted bodies, eyes, hands, and arms.

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Tony Oursler