Art Brussels

Online Viewing Rooms 2-14 June 2021

Art Brussels


Dep Art Gallery will participate in Art Brussels 2021 online and offline programme of exhibitions.
On the occasion of the OVR on Artsy, the gallery will showcase works from Regine Schumann previously presented in her solo show "Chromasophia".

At the centre of show is the new cycle of works created by Regine Schumann at the beginning of 2021, at a moment of ongoing restrictions on the freedom of movement.

With the aim to capture the novel sensation of physicality and distance, her works of the series "colormirror mesh" are made of layers creating different surfaces between color and semicircular shapes.

Talking about the works in an interview with Alice Traforti, the artist explains: "Inside the frame is a plate recalling a mesh-like mask. It pushes itself into the color body with concave semicircular shapes at the edge of the picture and thus lies between the satin-colored background and the transparent front. The color of the background surface pushes optically forward, through the "mask" of the semicircles, and emphasizes the concave semicircular shapes. Positive and negative surfaces seem to move, overlap, dissolve. The result is an interplay of concealing and revealing between the three planes, between the background, middle and foreground within a single body of color space."

Online Viewing Rooms by Artsy: VIP Preview: June 1, 2021 | Public days: June 2-14, 2021