Deep Impact: Stefan Gierowski and European avant-gardes in the 60s

Stefan Gierowski Foundation, Warsaw

15 September - 15 November 2019

Mario Nigro in mostra

Stefan Gierowski (born in 1925) is one of the most important Polish artists of the second half of the 20th century. Since the late 1950s, and during the 60s, he has developed a type of abstraction that is more energetic than formal. In his abstraction, the emphasis on the elementary forces and forms of painting (line, colour, material) sometimes seem to find an almost cosmic echo. Until now, Gierowski's work has mainly been shown in the Polish or East European context, in which it was created. It is important today to place his painting, particularly the one from the 1960s, in a wider context and, to this end, to show it alongside works by other major figures of the European avant-garde of the time, such as Francesco Lo Savio, Mario Nigro, Anna-Eva Bergman, Mario Pupino Samonà, Jef Verheyen, Otto Piene, Jean Degottex or Martin Barré. It is a way to give Gierowski the eminent place he deserves in the abstract European painting of his time and from which he has long been deprived due to contingencies and vicissitudes of History.

In the 400 m2 exhibition space of the Gierowski Foundation, the "Deep Impact" exhibition therefore aims to make Gierowski's work enter into dialogue with the work of other great painters of that period which, in the same way, bring together the search for a zero degree of painting and the affirmation of an energetic and dynamic concept of the form.

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