Art Brussels 2022

28 apr - 1 may

Art Brussels 2022

Turi Simeti

Dep Art Gallery is pleased to present a focus on Turi Simeti. The artist, who recently passed away, had a privileged relationship with the gallery for many years. The exhibition was prepared together, carefully choosing works that could retrace his career. Here are his comments:

"I have known Antonio Addamiano and Dep Art since the gallery was founded in 2006.
After some collaborations, we have realized my first exhibition in 2013 dedicated only to works of the '60s. This exciting experience led me to the decision to entrust him with the storage of my works for the subsequent creation of the Catalogue Raisoneé. During this period of intense work, we also organized together some public exhibitions, for example at MARCA in Catanzaro and Palazzo Riso in Palermo.
When Dep Art Gallery changed location in 2015, we chose to inaugurate the new location in Via Comelico 40, with an exhibition dedicated to white works only, retracing my path from the beginning to the present.
Meanwhile, the archive work has continued, adding to the team the curator Federico Sardella (also curator of the Castellani archive) and this gave me the opportunity to publish the Catalogue Raisoneé, published by Skira in 2017.
On ArtBrussels we chose to present a project that could condense more than 50 years of career presenting the focal moments of my career, from the 60's until today."  T. Simeti

Art Brussels 
28 April - 1 May 2022